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You are a webmaster and you would like to join an ultra-lucrative affiliation program to make your business more profitable. offers a simple, high-performance system that will enable you to earn cash quickly. Whether you already have one or several sites with high-traffic or looking to create your portal website , we can help you achieve your goal. 

High-performance tools at your disposal 

Create your white label sites:

Our Dating product enables you to create your own dating site and therefore develop your own brand in just a few minutes. In order to best meet the expectations of today's men and women, PRELINKER has created several niches that will enable you to accurately target your audience, including Love, Sexy, Gay, Cougar, Adulterous, Match-Making, BBW, Seniors, etc. Read on for details of all the niches available and start administrating your highly customisable site.

Brand promotion:

Brand promotion enables you to start earning money quickly thanks to one easy process: you become a promoter of well-known brands and generate traffic to these sites. You will be paid for every new subscription taken out on a site you are promoting based on the revenue share principle. We can also provide you with a number of marketing tools to help you promote our brands. The brands and sites concerned cover a wide range of dating themes. Find the theme you think will interest your audience and start today!

Promotional tools:

Maximising the profit generated by your traffic is child's play thanks to our promotional tools! Discover the latest email kits specially created for each of your niches, enabling you to maximise the profit generated by your traffic and prepare mass emails. You can also benefit from a number of promotional tools (registration forms, banners, dynamic tools, geo-located pop-ups, RSS flows, XML flows, etc.) on each of your sites.

For every new registered person you have, a percentage will be donated to you. To know more about PRELINKER'S repayment politic, go to Commissions.

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